A new Darrouzet-Nardi

August 17, 2012 – 12:59 am

Blog’s been on the back burner recently since the birth of my daughter Cara on June 29th:

So far a successful experiment!

I’m at Toolik right now tying up loose ends for the third and final field season of our project. When we arrived on August 11th, I was struck at how green it was here, definitely greener than last year at that time. However, within the first couple of days, the landscape turned from green to yellow and is well on its way now to red and brown. We have been busy taking a final round of soil cores and now taking the site down.


Just before arriving here, I had a nice trip to ESA in Portland and saw lots of friends and lots of great talks, particularly by some of my fellow postdocs I’ve met at Toolik and elsewhere. I want to post a few observations about the conference soon.

While the tundra is enchanting as always, I can’t wait to get back home to my sweet little baby and her heroic mom.

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  2. glad to see Cara, what a cutie! Sad to see the site being taken down..guess you guys are ready for it though! great photos, as usual. From the clothing, looks like the skeeters are on the way out!

    By Susan Steiner on Aug 19, 2012

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