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Last updated August 21, 2018

ABOUT THE LAB: I am an assistant professor in the Biological Sciences department at the University of Texas at El Paso. The goal of our lab is to use ecological field experiments to investigate plant and soil processes that drive terrestrial ecosystems, especially in mountains, deserts, and the Arctic tundra. Many of our projects also include a global change component such as the effects of invasive species, air pollution, or climate change.

PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS: I'm not currently recruiting students, but if you feel you are the perfect match, please feel free to get in touch! The lab is especially welcoming of people from backgrounds that are traditionally underrepresented in science such as first-generation students, women, and minorities. More information here.

CURRENT WORK: A major focus of the lab is a National Science Foundation funded project examining the fungal loop hypothesis. We are currently conducting a multi-site experiment to study the fungal loop in desert ecosystems. More specifically, we are looking at subterranean fungal connections between biological soil crusts (don't bust the crust!) and plants in three different deserts: the Chihuahuan desert near El Paso, the Colorado Plateau near Moab, and, between those, the Sevilleta LTER near Albuquerque. We have what I consider to be a truly excellent team of PIs, postdocs, technicians, graduates, and undergraduates working on this project. We are also building up data on both enzyme activities in Arctic soils and carbon cycling in drylands that will hopefully lead to larger projects down the line.

MORE INFO: Please check out my Science Blog, Twitter feed, Google Scholar Page, and CV to learn more about my research interests.

Contact information:
Anthony Darrouzet-Nardi
Department of Biological Sciences
500 W. University Ave.
University of Texas at El Paso
El Paso, TX 79968 (work) (personal)
915-747-6994 (office)
Office: Biology B401
Lab: Biology B419
Pronunciation of Darrouzet: DARE-uh-ZET.

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