Dryland biogeochemistry interview on Science Moab

June 4, 2018 – 12:50 pm

Just a quick post to share this cool interview of me done by my graduate student Kristina Young. She has quite the talent for putting together these podcasts and I am well on my way to listening through all of the neat episodes.

The thing that is really neat about the show is that because Kristina understands the science herself, she knows what questions to ask to get her interviewees excited to talk about the things they are studying. I’ve learned all sorts of stuff listening to various episodes like that restoring plants as locally and site-specifically as possible is the way to go, and that mammals are really the only vertebrates who take chewing their food seriously. These are the type of fun facts I love to share with my introductory biology students, which I will surely do! It’s a great show, check it out.

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