58 days until I submit my dissertation…

January 6, 2010 – 6:09 pm

…to my committee that is. They will probably have me revise some things at that point, but 58 days is the big huge deadline that I am working toward.

I’m on track for my 58 days. My first chapter has been accepted for publication in Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research. My second chapter is also completed and is being reviewed by my advisor. I plan to incorporate his suggestions and submit that paper sometime this month to the journal Ecosystems. But there is of course a lot still to do. I am working on my third chapter right now, which I will to send to my advisor as soon as it is done. The good news is that I am not teaching and can thus focus solely on this third chapter.

After that I move to Ohio. That’s right: Holy Toledo. I just accepted a postdoctoral position in Toledo with Dr. Mike Weintraub, whom I know from his stint as a postdoc here at CU. Mike, currently a faculty member at the University of Toledo, was recently funded by NSF to examine the effects of altered growing season length on C and N cycling in the arctic. The project is three years in length, based at the Arctic LTER at Toolik Lake, so I’m psyched to be going to Alaska this summer and to be working with Mike, who is a great guy.

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