25 July 2005

TWO AGAINST EUROPE. For the month of May, Chris and I toured the Old World. In almost all of the cities we visited, we stayed with people we have met over the years. It was awesome to see them and/or their friends in their native lands. We took over 1,000 photos, which I have narrowed to 111. I divided the photos into a prologue, six chapters, and an epilogue. To see one particular section of the trip, click one of the images above.

Darrouzet-Nardi brothers in Europe >>

I am excited to announce that in early August I will be moving out of my house at Pine and Broadway and into Chrysalis Co-op in downtown Boulder. After living on my own for the last two years, I am very ready to return to a cooperative living environment. Why? Because until I start my own little cooperative (aka family), cooperative living makes sense economically--saving both my time and my money--and socially, providing friends with which I can keep house and eat and live.

anthony at darrouzet-nardi dot net