27 March 2005

FOR SPRING BREAK THIS YEAR, I VISITED IAN AND Andrea in Washington, D.C. We had an awesome time visiting museums and seeing sites, but mostly just chilling out. This was a welcome break from working at my computer, which is what I have been doing this semester--well, reading and writing and teaching, lots of which involves working at my computer. Here are some pictures from D.C.

Pictures from D.C. >>

This summer promises to be interesting: I'll be traveling in Europe with my brother during May, working on Niwot Ridge during June and July, visiting Mulkey Meadow with Carla and Eric and visiting Glacier National Park with my advisor somewhere in there, going to the ESA meeting in Montreal in August, collecting data in the Western Tatras Mountains in Slovakia with my advisor later in August, and spending a couple days with the family in there somewhere too. Is all of this going to fit? We'll see. Expect pictures.

So, it seems that my life is running in an alternating cycle of going places/doing things, and computing/reading/writing/ speaking. The hardest part of this is being efficient in the latter. Of the goals mentioned in my last update, I have submitted one paper for publication and made progress on three others; I joined a local Toastmasters club--my icebreaker speech is tomorrow.

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