17 December 2005

Tast August, I went to Slovakia with my graduate advisor to help him collect data. We had a wonderful trip. I especially enjoyed meeting our Slovakian collaborators. See some photos...

Trip to Slovakia >>

My journey into the science-university-government-something complex continues. I have been probing the subtlelties of the nitrogen cycle, learning about remotely sensed data, and enduring the various rocks and arrows slung by skeptical colleagues. The journey thus far has entailed a lot of office work, but soon it will be mixed with more exciting lab and field work.

The co-op has turned out to be a piece of work. I can't describe the depth of our dysfunction on this site without perpetrating public effrontery; just know that we run like a well-monkey-wrenched machine. Still though, as I predicted, it's better than living alone. My basement studio is pretty comfortable, and I see our house as a project, a work in progress. I'll stay unless something really unusual and amazing crops up.

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