22 December 2006

As when I lived in Berkeley, it has turned out in Boulder that one of my most rewarding experiences has been living in a co-op. The Chrysalis Cooperative has been wonderful. I love our cast of strange characters. Here are some photos from the last year and a half...

Chrysalis photos >>

My first two scientific manuscripts are finally out in print. Check out the PDFs to learn about (1) dispersal and foraging behavior in a parasitoid wasp and (2) depth of water acquisition by invading sagebrush and resident herbs. These are from my undergraduate research. I have one more in review and one more in preparation from the sagebrush project, and then it is on to publishing my thesis data.

Speaking of my thesis, I am finally generating some data for it, which has been pretty fun. Check out this graphic of pH values across my watershed. And this one of NO3 levels in ephemeral streams. More to come when I finish all the labwork.

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