2 February 2008
I have installed a WordPress blog on this site.
It is called... Anthony's Science Blog! >>

1 January 2008

D have managed to go an entire year without posting anything here! But I am back with more cool photos (and even some QTVR's).

I have come to realize that there are now many websites that do what I do on this website better than I do it. For example, flickr and facebook can share photos in a more interactive way, with easier upload, albeit with more clutter and ads... Ditto for blogging text. So, I may double post some of my content in other places and see what I like best. In any case, this site will remain as my homepage and a collection of my various projects. It may not get updated as often as it used to though.

On to the photojournals...

First, I have a compilation of photos from a lot of different events throughout the year 2007...

2007 Year in Review >>

Second, I have compiled some of my favorite landscape shots from my fieldwork on Niwot Ridge...

Niwot Ridge Landscapes >>

Finally, don't miss these exciting links...
My latest paper on sagebrush...
A Child is Born - Recorded as my parents' Christmas gift.
Jackie and Anthony's Simpsons avatars!
Sand Dunes QTVR · Niwot QTVR
Nardolillo Pasta Gildone Recipe

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