2 May 2003

AS I HAVE WORKED ON MY INVASIVE SAGEBRUSH      project for the past two years, I've enjoyed presenting my data at symposia, conferences, and lab meetings. Last January, Terry Strathman and Leah Carroll in the UC Berkeley Undergraduate Research Office offered me the opportunity to exhibit my work in a library display case. I assembled and printed my favorite photographs and figures from my project. These prints are now on display in UC Berkeley's Doe Library. The online version of the display case is above. Click the panels to see larger versions.

I've been slow to update this website this semester since my computer was stolen.

Here's an essay I wrote about sedges for my plant systematics class with Professor Bruce Baldwin. It will be uninteresting to non-botanists, but hopefully it will aid someone searching the net for information on Carex systematics.

I graduate from UC Berkeley on 18 May 2003 with a B.A. in Integrative Biology.

As the pin on my backpack says, "I love my Co-op!" Ridge House will be missed. I leave you with this picture.