9 September 2004

less for good, I took three summer trips: first, the usual visit to the Ecological Society of America meeting, this year in Portland; second, visiting Mountain View High School alumnus and Toronto resident Kirk Andrew Stewart, my first visit to Canada; and third, the fifteenth annual Darrouzet-Nardi family vacation, my first visit to Mexico:

Three trips' photographs >>

I am a full-fledged graduate student at the University of Colorado at Boulder now. I am teaching two laboratory sections of general biology, taking a couple classes, and searching feverishly for a fascinating problem waiting to be solved. I am excited about a couple of upcoming scientific meetings I'll be attending: the Guild of Rocky Mountain Population Biologists (GRMPBs, pronounced "grumps")--organized by my advisor--where I'll present some of my sagebrush work, and a workshop called Collaboration in Ecology, which is being organized by my mom at the University of California, Irvine to discuss the role of information technology in ecological research.

THE ARTIFEX. I am excited to announce that as of June this year, darrouzet-nardi.net has migrated to the servers of The Artifex, a non-profit web and email hosting community run by the benevolent Hunter Blanks and his cronies.