8 May 2004

graduate school at the University of Colorado at Boulder in the department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology this fall. In July, I am moving to the Mountain Research Station, which is forty five minutes outside of Boulder in the Rocky Mountains. While there, I will assist with fieldwork, develop ideas for my thesis, and find a place to live in Boulder.

My year off between sixteenth and seventeenth grade has been quiet, productive, and educational. I have spent an unusual amount of time by myself. During the fall, I applied to graduate school, which was about as exciting as application processes ususally are. On the other hand, working at the Desert Research Institute has been an invaluable experience.

Photos from living in Half Moon Bay and Reno >>

I have spent my free time in Reno bonding with my computer. I have learned the basics of UNIX, SQL, and R, a programming language for statistical analysis and graphics. Scientific information workflows--observation through publication--already rely heavily on computers, but the speed of information flow is still below its potential. I don't intend to become a hacker, but I do intend to use modern computing power effectively in my research. (You may also notice that this web site now runs on CSS--no more tables.)

Finally, I have enjoyed being a Sierra Sunrise Toastmaster.