This page is a public portal for downloading a lot of the data that I have collected and/or published as well as R scripts I write to analyze the data. The datasets are currently available as tab-delimited text files. If you want to explore them in R, you can copy the URL of the dataset and use read.delim. For example,

agb <- read.delim("")

Warmed biocrusts over nine years

2006 - 2014

Affiliation: USGS

Zip file of data


Changing seasonality of plant-soil interactions in the Arctic tundra

March 2010 - July 2013

Affiliation: University of Toledo

All data can be found in our online repository at ACADIS Gateway.


Landscape heterogeneity of nitrogen cycling in an alpine-subalpine ecosystem (dissertation)

May 2006 - August 2009

Affiliation: University of Colorado at Boulder

Metadata: Most variables in the tables below are defined in this document

Sample R code:

res <- read.delim("", na.strings="NULL")

GIS: Geodatabase and mxd files (164 MB) (Viewable in ArcGIS 9.3 or higher)

Data sets: NO3NH4 ; aa ; aadif ; bb07 ; bb08 ; buriedbag2007 ; buriedbag2008 ; cationsview ; ephstream2006 ; ephstream2007 ; moisture ; pH_246 ; pH_spatial ; pH_spatial_gis ; ph_cations2008 ; photos ; plant_traits ; pooldilutions2008 ; pooldilutions2008view ; prelimsoils2006 ; res ; resin_sup ; resins2007 ; resinsview ; saddlemet ; sb ; sb_sub_pd1 ; sb_sub_pd2 ; snowmax2008 ; snowmelt2008 ; soddiemet ; soddiemet2006 ; soilbins2006 ; soilbins_sup ; soilpoints2006 ; soiltemp2009 ; temp_resid ; temperature ; veg_resins ; veg_resins_view ; veg_soilbins ; veg_soilbins_view ; vegetation_resins ; vegetation_soilbins

Data Analysis: SQL calculations and view creation for above tables ; Miscellaneous analyses ; Analyses for my first published chapter in AAAR ; Random forest analyses of biotic and abiotic factors ; supporting vegetation ordinations for random forests ; supporting vegetation summaries for random forests

Although the code in these files is not directly runnable, the analyses could be recreated from what's here and you can see what I did if you know SQL and R. The tab-delimited text files above are from an SQL database. Most of the columns are described in the metadata sheet and the calculations for other derived columns are visible in the SQL document above.


Sagebrush invasion in Sierra Nevada meadows

May 2001 - August 2005

Collaborators: Carla D'Antonio, Eric Berlow, Todd Dawson

Affiliation: University of California, Berkeley

Data Sets:

Young Sage Removal (YSR) experiment: Aboveground biomass; Age of removed sagebrush; Sagebrush age and size; Sagebrush age and size supplemental data; LICOR 2001; LICOR 2002; N mineralization and nitrification; Percent cover; Soil moisture; Water potential; Water table depth

Depth of water acquisition: Plant water oxygen isotopes; Soil water oxygen isotopes

Data Analysis: Young sage removal experiment: R script; Depth of water acquisition: R script;


Parasitoid Dispersal and Foraging

June 2000 - November 2000

Collaborators: Cheryl Briggs, Martha Hoopes, Jesse Walker

Affiliation: University of California, Berkeley

Data Sets: Field release trials; Foraging observations

Derived Data: Diffusion model; Field release summary

Data Analysis: R script


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