We had a lovely family get-together in South Charleston at my Great Aunt Juanita's house. Here's everyone and their relationship to me: Back: Ivan Reed (first cousin, once removed, or, my mother's cousin), David Reed (first cousin, once removed), Marvin Reed (great uncle), Elden Reed (great uncle), Ned Reed (very back) (first cousin, once removed), Christopher Darrouzet-Nardi (brother), Phillip Reed (first cousin, once removed).

Middle (starting in chair): Juanita Reed (great aunt [in-law]), Lois Ward (first cousin, twice removed, or, my grandmother's cousin), Jeanette Darrouzet-Nardi (sister), Ruth Reed (great aunt [in-law]), Becky Dixon (first cousin, once removed).

Front: Connie Reed (first cousin, once removed [in-law]), Beatrice Reed (chair) (great aunt [in law]), Bonnie Nardi (mother), Chris Darrouzet (father).

Very Front: Me.

(thanks to Ivan for pointing out that I originally had some of the relationships wrong)

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